Why should I impress myself and not girls?




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In this thought-provoking blogpost, we delve into the power of self-improvement and the importance of shifting your focus from impressing others to impressing yourself. We explore the concept of social validation and self-validation, highlighting the significance of internal motivation in achieving one’s goals. Join us as we embark on this journey of self-discovery and discover the transformative power of working hard, even when you don’t feel like it.

The Allure of Social Validation

In our quest for self-improvement, many of us fall into the trap of seeking external validation. We strive to impress others, hoping to gain their approval and recognition. While social validation can provide a fleeting sense of gratification, it’s often an unreliable source of motivation.

The Jeffrey and Adonis Paradigm

To illustrate the difference between external and internal motivation, consider two individuals, Jeffrey and Adonis.

  • Jeffrey, driven by the need for social validation, meticulously curates his image and actions to elicit praise from others. His motivation is extrinsic, based on the opinions of others.
  • Adonis, deeply invested in his self-improvement journey, focuses on impressing himself. He is motivated by a genuine desire to excel, to push his limits and achieve his full potential. His motivation is intrinsic, stemming from a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

Harnessing Internal Motivation

The key to sustained self-improvement lies not in seeking external approval but in cultivating internal motivation. This involves shifting our focus from impressing others to impressing ourselves.

Visualization Exercise: Fueling Your Inner Fire

Imagine yourself engaged in a strenuous workout, fatigue setting in. Suddenly, a group of people walks past, and you feel an immediate surge of energy, fueled by the desire to impress them. This exemplifies the power of external validation, temporarily overriding your internal fatigue.

However, the true source of motivation lies within. Visualize that group of people as an ever-present reminder of your commitment to self-improvement. Their presence, even in your imagination, should motivate you to dig deeper, to push further. This internal visualization fosters a sense of continuous accountability, driving you to achieve your goals even when external validation is absent.

The Power of Self-Impression

When you focus on impressing yourself, you tap into a wellspring of motivation that never fades. Every step you take, every challenge you overcome, will serve as a testament to your dedication and unwavering commitment to self-improvement.

Self-Validation: The Cornerstone of Self-Esteem

Unlike social validation, which is fleeting and dependent on external factors, self-validation is rooted in your own perception of yourself. It’s about recognizing your worth and accomplishments, regardless of the opinions of others.

As you focus on impressing yourself, you cultivate a deep sense of self-worth and resilience. You become your own source of motivation, fueled by your own determination to succeed.

Holding Yourself to a Higher Standard: The Path to Excellence

To truly harness the power of self-improvement, you must cultivate an unwavering commitment to your own standards. This involves setting clear goals, establishing achievable targets, and holding yourself accountable for your progress.

Visualize yourself achieving your goals, embodying the qualities you aspire to possess. Allow this visualization to fuel your determination, motivating you to consistently strive for excellence.

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